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Porters are responsible for making sure the company’s facility looks neat and presentable to the public. You will help uphold the image of the facility by performing basic maintenance tasks including trash removal, front lobby support and restroom restocks

Responsibilities and Duties


     Sweep and mop floors; vacuum carpets; clean ceiling vents, restroom cleaning


     Ensure building entrance is free of clutter at all times


     Fix minor technical issues, like changing bulbs


     Report damages, call technicians and monitor repairs


     Maintain stock of cleaning supplies


     Place safety hazard signs in the building including wet paint and wet floor warning signs.


     Respond to any major spills or other cleaning crises


     Comply with health and safety regulations


     Follow evacuation rules in case of emergencies






     Previous work experience as a Porter, Janitor or Custodian


     Hands-on experience with industrial cleaning equipment


     Good physical condition, stamina and strength


     Ability to physically stand, bend, squat, and lift up to 40+ pounds through course of shift


     Familiarity with security regulations


     Solid verbal communication skills to interact with cleaning staff, technicians and customers


     Availability to work in shifts and flexible schedules (e.g. weekends and evenings)


     High school diploma or GED preferred


     Must be reliable and professional


     Wear Company uniform


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